Times Sequence

What Do the Drops of I AM Embody?

“As an artist, I believe art goes beyond visual appeal. To me, making art is a process that embodies my life’s mission: to inspire people to reconnect with their true selves, independent of achievements, appearances, expectations, and external validation.

This belief inspired the ‘DROPS of I AM’ series. Each drop has a unique purpose and mission, mirroring the uniqueness of individuals. They invite you to embrace your right to exist ‘as you are’, experiencing true freedom and truth”

“Each drop of I AM is a unique essence, imbued with its own soul and journey. It embodies the journey towards inviolable self-worth and unconditional self-love, free from the constraints of achievements, appearances, expectations, and external validation.

They encourage you to engage with the world from a place of deep-seated self-confidence, safety, balance, pleasure, happiness, and flow.

Each drop of I AM represents a guide on a transformative journey, offering a perspective on the quest for true self-acceptance.

I invite you to connect with Times Sequence.

Stephanie Cime

Discover the message behind the unique artwork “Times Sequence”

In a world that constantly pushes us to move faster and achieve more, embracing the journey of Divine Timing sometimes requires patience and trust. It asks us to let go of our need to control every aspect of our lives and to have faith that what is meant for us will find its way. This shift in perspective can be incredibly liberating, allowing us to relax and enjoy the journey rather than constantly striving for the destination.

Recognizing the Signs. One of the most beautiful aspects of Divine Timing is the subtle signs and synchronicities that guide us. When we are attuned to these signs, we can navigate our lives with more grace and ease, knowing that we are being gently guided towards our highest good.

Finding Peace in the Unfolding. There will be times when things don’t go according to our plans. In these moments, it’s essential to remember that delays and detours are often blessings in disguise. Divine Timing reminds us that even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, there is a purpose. By finding peace in the unfolding, we can navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace.

Your Journey with Divine Timing. Times Sequence invites you to explore Divine Timing in your own life. Notice how everything has led you to this very moment. Embrace the journey with an open heart and a trusting spirit, knowing that you are being guided towards your true purpose.


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Adding "Times Sequence" to your collection is an investment in well-being. Let Time Sequence serves as a daily reminder of the beauty of the process, promotes patience and trust over time, and inspires conversations about essential life questions. Step into the world of "Drops of I AM Wall Sculptures" and let yourself be guided by the powerful message behind this unique wall sculpture.

The message of Times Sequence: Embrace the Journey.
Trusting Divine Timing is a profound practice that invites us to surrender control and embrace the unfolding of life’s mysteries. It requires patience, for the universe often works in its own rhythms, beyond the confines of our human timelines. By paying attention to the subtle hints and synchronicities that arise, we can discern the path that is truly meant for us, the one that will serve our highest good. Delay and diversions, though they may initially frustrate us, can often prove to be beneficial, guiding us towards unexpected opportunities and insights. The key is to approach this journey with an open heart, trusting that even when the way forward is unclear, the universe is orchestrating a divine plan. By embracing this trust, we unlock the freedom to fully immerse ourselves in the unfolding adventure, allowing it to transform and uplift us in ways we could never have imagined.
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Times Sequence Poëm

At the stroke of midnight, stars align, Whispers of fate in the night’s design, A clock’s soft tick, a heart’s swift beat, A rendezvous where dreams and destiny meet.

A raindrop falls on parched earth’s plea, An embrace at dawn by a sun-kissed sea, The bloom of flowers in spring’s first light, A symphony played in the hush of night.

In perfect timing, the world does spin, Moments of magic, without, within, A chance encounter, a knowing glance, Life’s tender dance, a song of chance.

The wind’s soft sigh through autumn leaves, A lover’s words, the heart believes, A child’s first step, a joyous leap, Memories to cherish, moments to keep.

When time stands still, and yet it flies, In the silent gaze of lovers’ eyes, The universe hums a silent tune, Beneath the silver crescent moon.

For in the ebb and flow of time, We find our rhythm, reason, rhyme, A cosmic ballet, a perfect climb, Life’s greatest gifts in perfect time

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