Inflatable Drop of I AM for the Antwerp on Air show.

Unlocking Personal Transformation Through the Power of “I Am”

I’m delighted to share with you in this blog that for the Antwerp On Air Festival, I created an “Inflatable Drops of I AM,” showcased on the Antwerp Meir in front of the “Antwerp Hand,” a monument linked to the myth of Silvius Brabo. Here you can find an article about the inflatable.

Inflatable Drops of I AM: A Reflection of Our True Selves

This inflatable sculpture is rooted in the visual language I have developed over the years, known as the “Drops of I AM.”

In a world where we constantly juggle expectations, fears, and the need to conform, it’s invaluable to find practices and tools that help us reconnect with our authentic selves. The Drops of IAM can be like mirrors reflecting our innermost selves. Each piece embodies the concept of non-duality, symbolizing both the uniqueness and universality found within us, akin to drops of water in an ocean. These sculptures invite viewers on an introspective journey, urging them to challenge preconceived beliefs and embrace radical authenticity.

The Visual Language of “Drops of IAM”

At the heart of each sculpture is a central drop inscribed with the words “I am.” With this, I wanted to signify our true essence, while the surrounding layers represent the barriers and accumulated experiences that distance us from our authentic selves. If we tell ourselves a story about ourselves, we automatically close a door. We automatically limit ourselves to what we believe about ourselves. We miss out on the limitless possibilities that are available to us if we would just stay open to them. With my work, I want to inspire and encourage the viewer to peel back societal restrictions, personal fears, and limiting beliefs, revealing the core of who we truly are.

The Power of “I Am” and the Subconscious Mind

In my journey, I’ve delved deep into understanding the subconscious mind and its impact on our behaviors and emotions. Astonishingly, 95% of our behavior is driven by this hidden part of our mind. By using the affirmation “I am,” we can initiate transformative changes. Every experience we’ve had is stored in our subconscious, shaping the stories we tell ourselves and, consequently, our realities.

Many of these subconscious stories can be limiting, filled with expectations, fears, and the need to conform. Recognizing and confronting these limiting beliefs is crucial for personal freedom. The Drops of IAM remind us of our power as creators of our own lives and our capacity to rewrite these stories by accessing and transforming our subconscious beliefs.

Guided Meditations: A Pathway to Transformation

A unique aspect of my work is the incorporation of guided meditations alongside my sculptures. These meditations are designed to help you tap into your subconscious, fostering the courage to confront and rewrite limiting beliefs. As you engage with the Drops of IAM, you are invited to reflect deeply, peel away accumulated layers, and reconnect with your true essence.

My guided meditations aim to awaken the powerful qualities inherent in all of us. Inspired by everyday stories of people I meet, collectors, personal experiences, and legends such as the story of Brabo, these meditations encourage you to embody self-assertion, courage, faith, and the pursuit of freedom—qualities that are crucial for personal growth and overcoming repression.

The Myth of Brabo: A Source of Inspiration

For the Antwerp On Air Festival, I created a meditation inspired by the myth of Brabo, a soldier who stood against the giant Druon Antigoon, a tyrant terrorizing the waters around Antwerp. This legend, with its themes of repression and self-assertion, serves as a powerful metaphor for our own internal battles against limiting beliefs and fears.

Brabo’s courage and determination highlight the innate human qualities necessary for overcoming obstacles and seeking freedom. Just as Brabo defeated the giant, so too can we confront the giants in our minds that hold us back from living authentically and freely.

The Ripple Effect of Personal Growth

My work aims to inspire a ripple effect of transformation in your life. By engaging with the Drops of I AM and participating in the guided meditations, you are invited to unlock your limitless potential and awaken profound truths about your own reality. This engagement leads to personal growth, interconnectedness, and ultimately, a transformation in how we perceive and shape the world around us.

The Drops of IAM offer an invitation to explore and embrace your true self. Through my visual language and guided meditations, I provide an open door to explore tools to access the subconscious, confront limiting beliefs, and inspire personal transformation. The journey toward radical authenticity and personal freedom is individual and ongoing. By tapping into our inherent qualities, we can create a ripple effect that transforms not only our lives but also the world around us. Embrace the journey and unlock the profound potential within you.

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Be the I AM you are,

Stephanie Cime

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