Essence Unbound

What Do the Drops of I AM Embody?

“As an artist, I believe art goes beyond visual appeal. To me, making art is a process that embodies my life’s mission: to inspire people to reconnect with their true selves, independent of achievements, appearances, expectations, and external validation.

This belief inspired the ‘DROPS of I AM’ series. Each drop has a unique purpose and mission, mirroring the uniqueness of individuals. They invite you to embrace your right to exist ‘as you are’, experiencing true freedom and truth”

“Each drop of I AM is a unique essence, imbued with its own soul and journey. It embodies the journey towards inviolable self-worth and unconditional self-love, free from the constraints of achievements, appearances, expectations, and external validation.

They encourage you to engage with the world from a place of deep-seated self-confidence, safety, balance, pleasure, happiness, and flow.

Each drop of I AM represents a guide on a transformative journey, offering a perspective on the quest for true self-acceptance.

I invite you to connect with Times Sequence.

Stephanie Cime

Discover the message behind the unique artwork “Essence Unbound”

There is such a great power within each of us, a force that acts as a profound counterweight to fear. This power is the core of our being, our “Essence Unbound.” It is the source of our deepest desires and the drive to realize our mission in the world. When you connect with this essence, you cannot help but bring your mission to life.

Imagine a desire so immense, so compelling, that it pushes you to create space for it in your daily life. This is the essence we all possess, an unbound force waiting to be acknowledged and nurtured. When you give this immense desire the room it needs, you begin to align with your true purpose.

To connect with this part of yourself—the essence that is always there—you must make a conscious effort to create space for it every day.  It is in these moments of intentional space-making that your true mission begins to unfold.

Let Essence unbound remind you of this act of giving space to your desire pushing past the boundaries of fear and uncertainty.



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Adding "Essence Unbound " to your collection is an investment in well-being. "Essence Unbound" is about recognizing and embracing this inner power. It’s about understanding that when you make space for your deepest desires, you unlock the potential to realize your true mission. Step into the world of "Drops of I AM Wall Sculptures" and let yourself be guided by the powerful message behind this unique wall sculpture.

The message of Essence Unbound

“Essence Unbound” is about recognizing the immense potential within each of us. When we connect with that part of ourselves—our true essence—we create space for our most profound longings and desires to flourish. This daily practice of connecting, even if just for a few minutes, allows us to tap into a powerful force that propels us toward realizing our mission in the world.

The sculpture’s metaphorical drops represent this journey. Each drop, unique and fluid, signifies our individuality and the constant evolution of our identities. By setting our intentions, we can influence how we shape our reality and impact the world around us.

Essence Unbound Poëm

In the quiet depths of our soul’s expanse,
Lies a truth, unspoken, a sacred dance.
Boundless essence, in every heart confined,
Yearns for freedom, to the self aligned.

Like drops of water, distinct yet whole,
We each play a part in the cosmic scroll.
Fluid forms in an endless sea,
Shaped by dreams, by what we believe we can be.

Shedding layers of doubt and fear,
Our essence calls, crystal clear.
In simplicity, our truths are found,
In the journey, our souls unbound.

Embrace the longing, let desires flow,
In the stillness, our true selves glow.
Daily moments, brief but bright,
Guide us through the darkest night.

For in each drop, a universe resides,
A testament to the life that abides.
No drop greater, no drop less,
Each contributes to the ocean’s caress.

Let your essence shine, unconfined,
A beacon to others, hearts aligned.
In unity, our strengths are crowned,
Together, in essence, we are unbound.

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