“Life is in motion, and nothing is “perfect”, so why would you want to be? Stephanie Cime’s ‘ROOTS’ collection reminds us to embrace the ephemerality of beauty.“

“The piece has an understated elegance and authenticity that makes it feel like a natural part of my home. The colors and textures are so raw and organic, and I feel like the painting tells a story every time I look at it”

“Embrace your true self and find beauty in your uniqueness. Stephanie Cime’s inspires us to be authentic.”

“I commissioned a custom painting from Stephanie Cime after falling in love with her unique and authentic style. The finished piece has a beautiful sense of imperfection and transience that perfectly embodies the wabi sabi philosophy. Stephanie’s use of color and texture is truly remarkable.”

– Olivia L.

“I would like to thank you for the beautiful canvas that has taken a special place in my sitting area. Your work has charmed me, not only because it is simply beautiful but also because it is a daily reminder to stay true to who I am and not hide behind a mask to please others. Anyone who comes for a drink with me may just like the work, it can also be the start of a nice conversation about authenticity or about expectations of others, about being unique, about being “weird,” about embracing yourself …. Thank you again for creating something fun, something beautiful, something special and something meaningful. I hope you can share a beautiful message in many living rooms with your story.”

– Thomas L.